New Year Resolution Ideas

This upcoming new year is going to be filled with exciting new experiences and opportunities. This past year has been full of inconveniences and bad news- I’m sure that a lot of you guys can agree with me on that. I am always working on ways to improve myself- money, knowledge, physical health, and more. Here is my ultimate list for some resolutions and goals you would want to add to your list for the new year.

Start meditating

There are a lot of scientific studies that show the benefits of meditating. Meditating helps to improve your mood, reduces stress, lessens anxiety, and more. Meditation is linked to more creativity and new ideas. In studies, it was shown that students who practice mindfulness achieved better grades. There is no reason not to incorporate meditation into your health routine.

Move more

It does not matter what you decide to do for physical activity, just move. Go on a walk for 45 minutes everyday will help with fat loss. Doing a quick jog everyday, jump roping, swimming, and more are things you should be doing more of. Get off of the couch and

Start doing planks everyday

If you didn’t know, planks are the most effective stationary ab workout. It is sure to get you abs quicker and more effective than sit-ups and crunches. It is a great way to strengthen your core. Planks also reduce back pain and helps in giving better posture.

Spend more time outside

Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to spend more time inside the house, on electronics all day. It’s not like how it used to be; kids outside playing, families enjoying time outside together. Bathe in the sun outside in your yard or go explore nature.

Read more books

You can learn a lot from books. Books help to calm the mind and sharpen it. Reading improves brain function and improves memory along with critical thinking skills. Did you know that people who read tend to be more empathetic and have higher self esteem. Turn to a book when you’re feeling stressed and distract yourself for a little.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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