4 Office Must-Haves

*This post contains affiliate links! Click on images to see more!

1. Phone stand

Free your hands, work conveniently, and enjoy watching/browsing anywhere with this fully adjustable rose gold phone stand. You can watch and also charge with the space open at the bottom while busy cooking, working, brushing your teeth, and etc.

Rose Gold Cell Phone Stand

2. Lap desk

A lap desk is great for those who want to be more comfortable doing work/school tasks at home. Get out of the office and take a seat in your favorite chair. This desk is designed to make work flow more efficient and delivers comfortable productivity. This one I found on Amazon is a lot cheaper than ones I’ve seen in my local office/tech store and it has more features and color options!

3. Desk supplies organizer

Maximize space use on your desk and get this desk supplies organizer. Store your favorite pens, markers, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes, and more in this super-cute mesh organizer. Having a much less cluttered desk will aid in work productivity.

4. Blue light blocking glasses

If you’re somebody that spends hours on your phone, computer, or any other electronic device, invest in a good pair of blue light blocking glasses. Too much UV and exposure to blue light can negatively affect vision health. Nowadays, I bet everyone you know spends way more than 2 hours on their phone/laptop/tablet. Protect your eyes from any more harm and get these glasses.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short, insightful article.

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