6 Ways To Feel Happier and Calmer

1. Write it down!

Take some time out of your day to write down at least three positive things that occurred or things you’re thankful for. This will aid in feeling more optimistic and less stressed.

2. Listen to some music.

There’s a much smaller possibility of you feeling down if you’re listening to some great tunes. Whether it be rap, pop, or rock, listen to something that’ll get your mood up!

3. Go outside!

Get in the car and go to the beach..or the pool.. or on a hike. Whatever you feel is best for you, go DO it! Stop moping around the house and get yourself outside, under the sun. I find swimming and relaxing on the sand helps me feel calm and boosts my mood. Soak some of that essential vitamin D up!

4. Bake some goods.

Nothing helps lift the mood better than freshly baked goods!!! Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, tarts, and more are oh so delish.- AND they help to release dopamine! Eating some good food is sure to help brighten your mood.

5. Watch some comedy!

What you decide to watch is ultimately up to you and your sense of humor. Some people laugh from fail videos on YouTube, some laugh from TikToks, and others laugh from a comedy session/movie. Laughing is a natural way to get yourself into a lighter mood and laughing is good for the soul.

6. Try affirmations.

Go ahead and compliment yourself. Tell yourself positive, encouraging things. Recognize that you are doing the best that you can and it will only get better. You matter and you are your own person. No one can tell you how to feel or act except YOURSELF. Teach yourself to only foster positive thoughts and self empowerment.

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