10 Ways to Spend Time Alone

“And all I loved, I loved alone.”

Edgar Allan Poe

Today’s society has developed negative associations with the idea of being alone or “flyin solo”. As a child, I remember being sent to my room to sit in silence alone as a punishment from my parents. Staying at home alone instead of partying is frowned upon by the majority of modern society. People see it as weird or strange and you get asked if you’re okay. Society has shaped us to believe that being alone is dreadful or unbearable. However, solitude is necessary for your personal well-being. Being alone does not mean you are lonely.

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I recommend giving yourself at least 10 minutes of alone time everyday. Here is a list I compiled of 10 ways to spend time by yourself:

1. Meditate

Take some time to meditate, pray, or even just close your eyes and sit in silence. Meditation helps to calm you down and help you focus better. I always take some time to meditate/pray everyday whether it be when I wake up or in the middle of my day. It’s a little hard to start doing every single day but you’ll start to feel like it’s an essential part of your day.

2. Go for a walk

Put your mind at ease by going for a walk and letting the world around you distract you from your thoughts a little bit. Treat it like a “walking meditation” and focus on your breathing. Be sure to stay safe, have your phone on you, and avoid sketchy trails/areas.

3. Paint your nails

Practicing self care is always a great thing to do while home alone. In this case, it’s painting your nails. Whether it’s your fingernails or toenails, enjoy your alone time by painting and decorating your nails. An amazing way to relax whilst working on your appearance.

I bought an awesome gel nail polish starter kit and I’ve been doing my nails at home. It came with the curing light, gel polishes, nail accessories, designs, and polygel for $40.. $40! My nails turn out SALON QUALITY for practically FREE by doing them at home.

4. Read a book

This is a great time to read a book as you’re alone and have little to no distractions. Whether the book is on the self-help or fantasy category, take at least 10 minutes to read. You might just find yourself getting into a real good book.

5. Take a long bath

Baths give a wonderful mix of isolation, comfort, and ease. Taking a nice warm bath can help you sleep better and help relieve muscle pain. A nice hot bath can relieve cold and flu symptoms, especially if you mix in tea tree oil.

6.Write in your journal

Organize your thoughts and ideas and write them in a journal. Having it all written down and displayed in front of you can help relax your mind and just aids in making you feel less cluttered.

7. Watch an inspiring/motivational video

#MotivationMondays does not have to be exclusively on Mondays but it can be everyday. If you’re feeling down or lazy, watch some moving motivation videos. Put something on that will push you to strive for greater or just something to get you out of bed for the day-LOL, no shame.

8.Experiment with your makeup

Get your makeup and try to use products, shades, or colors that you rarely utilize. I normally only stick to warm/neutral tones so when I experiment, I use a variety of bright, vibrant colors. A fun thing to do would be to create a look based off of things like your favorite food or show.

9. Apply a face mask

Whether it’s a clay, cream, sheet, peel-off, or other type of face mask, be sure to make sure your face is cleansed first. Face masks make me feel so pampered and taken care of. Doing them in the comfort of my own house makes me feel great.

10. Try a new hairstyle

Browse Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, or any other platform to find some interesting hairstyles you’d want to try out. I like trying different variations of slick back buns and braids.

Thanks for reading! -Em

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