10 Frugal Living Tips

1. Patience spending

If you are planning on buying something BIG, then WAIT! Give it some time and think about it thoroughly. Do you really need it? Are you going to probably use it only once and forget about it? Can you afford it? DO NOT splurge if you can’t afford it.

2. Drinking water

It’s hard to believe but we spend a lot of money on sodas, juices, frappes, smoothies, and etc. Drinking just water is very frugal and healthy. Stop wasting money on juice and soda that are full of sugar and just bad for you. Start drinking more of only water.

3. Eat out LESS

It’s a lot cheaper to eat at home, eating home-cooked fresh meals than to eat out at a restaurant. Save dining out for more special occasions or just as a once in a while treat.

4. Cut the cable

If you’re like me, I hardly watch cable tv anymore due to streaming programs like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Getting rid of cable can save you so much money, especially if you find that you less frequently watch TV.

5. Make your own coffee

Instead of going to Starbucks or another local coffee shop everyday for coffee, make your own. You may need to invest a little bit for a nice coffee maker/espresso maker and beans but it is a lot cheaper in the long run compared to buying a $5-$10 coffee everyday. Plus, you can make it to YOUR OWN liking.

6. Buy in bulk

You can save a lot of money if you buy in bulk things that you use a lot anyways. Things like rice, beans, fruit, snacks, and cleaning products bought in bulk can save your dollars.

7. Cancel subscriptions

Subscriptions quickly add up over time. Sometimes they start to charge more without you actually noticing or even charge hidden fees. End subscriptions that you don’t get much use out of or don’t matter much.

8. Do your own nails

If you like getting manicures and pedicures often, it’d be a huge money saver to learn to get them done yourself. Getting a mani/pedi can set you back almost $100, not including tip! I do my nails myself and I think it’s fun doing so. I get to control exactly what goes on my nails, exactly how short or long I want them and more!

9. Ditch disposable products

You might not realize it but a lot of the products you use everyday are disposable. Not only do you spend a lot of money on them but they are BAD for the environment. Stop using or at least reduce use of plastic straws, cups, forks, spoons, and etc. Switch to better alternatives like silicone/stainless steel straws, reusable cups, forks, and more!

Things like tampons and pads add up especially when you buy them every month and are just generally terrible for the environment and your OWN health! Menstrual cups, cloth pads, sponge tampons, period panties or even menstrual discs make a big impact on money saving and the environment.

10. Forget about others

Lastly, stop comparing yourself to neighbors, friends, coworkers or family members. They may have a brand new BMW but they’re probably in debt! Keep your eyes on yourself and learn to stop caring so much about materialistic things. Of course, it’s great to treat yourself every once in a while but don’t go broke trying to impress others.

Stay disciplined and take care! -Emily

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