7 Signs You Need A New Boyfriend

Probably time to accept the fact the he’s not for you.

1. It’s never fun being around him

There’s always an argument or hurtful words being said every time you’re with him. It’s like you always find yourself being mad or sad whenever he’s around. You might want to work on finding a partner that makes the best out of bad situations or plainly treats you better. (However, if you treat your boyfriend with no respect, don’t expect for him to look past it and still treat you nicely)

2. Your dreams don’t matter to him

He talks down on your dreams and aspirations, makes you feel belittled. If he cannot handle your own big dreams and goals, how will he handle all the small weird things you’re into? Or he just dosen’t care much for what you’re into.. which is a small part of a bigger picture.

3. He rarely does the little things

He dosen’t do any small appreciative gestures, When I say small, I mean extremely small things that still mater like turning off the lights when you ask, bringing you home something when he’s out and such. The little things add up to a big deal.

4. He ignores you

He’ll give you space, all right but he’ll probably replace the time he usually spends with you with another friend. Or he’ll just ignore you completely. Space is good of course but what is he possibly doing that causes him to ignore you?

5. Not there emotionally

He just dosen’t understand you, or he does not even at least TRY TO. He could care less about what you’re going through and how you feel. Lack of empathy on his part could point to him being narcissistic or having a lack of personality.

6. Does not challenge you to be better

People who care about you would want to make sure you’re building upon yourself. Your own personal growth may be seen as a hindrance to his self esteem.

7. His friends don’t know you or don’t respect you

If his friends have no clue who you are, take that as a warning sign. He probably dosen’t care about you enough if he isn’t telling his close friends about you. If they see you as “just another” one of his partners, he probably dosen’t talk about you with much respect.

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