12 Evening Habits 🌙

1. Evaluate your day: Think about what you did today, what went right and what didn’t go so right.

2. Write things down: Whether it be journaling or just writing on a piece of paper or typing it in your notes, write what you did down. It’s good to keep track of what you have accomplished.

3. Plan the next day: Set some goals and tasks to complete tomorrow. Motivate yourself.

4. Maintain personal hygiene: Brush your teeth, moisturize your body’s skin, do your facial skin care routine, take care of your hair, and whatever else you need to do.

5. Prepare tomorrow’s outfit

6. Practice mindfulness: Meditate, pray, or just take some silent time to relax and think.

7. Connect with loved ones: Take this time to message your family and or friends.

8. Read: Take 15-30 minutes to read a book of your choice.

9. Set alarm and put away

10. Unplug: Disconnect yourself from your phone, electronics, and social media at least 1 hour before you plan on going to sleep. (This is a little hard to do, at least for me it is)

11. Dim the lights

12. Sleep earlier: Try to sleep more so you feel more refreshed and awake in the morning.

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