“Whatever you are, be a good one.” -Abraham Lincoln

Today was another long day of work for this drill weekend but my last day for this month. I was up early at 4 am getting ready, doing my hair, putting my uniform on, and getting my things together. My boyfriend got up and I made a stop to get some snacks before I went to work.

Work didn’t start till almost 6am but when it did, it was extremely SLOW. I just worked at the vitals station and did pregnancy tests. I then had to head over to another location with 2 coworkers to give flu shots to soldiers from that unit. I headed back to my workplace after about an hour and proceeded to do my normal, routine tasks.

I had my lunch break at 11:15 and I decided to grab lunch with my boyfriend. My boyfriend picked me up and we headed to the mall to eat Five Guys. I ordered my normal little cheeseburger and a strawberry boyfriend got me on Dr.Pepper. I returned to work and didn’t finish until 3:00pm.

Song of the Day: Queen of Disaster by Lana Del Ray

I was so tired after work but I took a nice hot shower as soon as I got home. I went outside afterwards to spend time with my boyfriend while he worked on his car. I was craving something sweet so I went to get boba from a local boba tea shop.


My boyfriend made some delicious chili-lime chicken for dinner and I cooked some rice to eat with it.

Chili-lime chicken and rice with Chalula hot sauce

It is now 10:34 and I am tired so BYE.

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