“Nothing worth having comes easy.” -Anonymous

I haven’t had a chance to write all day because this weekend is my drill weekend. I woke up at 4am and started getting ready for work. I had to do my hair in a slick back bun and wear my uniform. I got my backpack ready with a water filled Yeti and paperwork. Today was my first day wearing my boyfriends Apple Watch and I will say it’s nice and convenient to have during work.

I spent all day at work from 5:45 am to 4:00pm- a little over 10 hour shift! My boyfriend picked me up and I headed home. My boyfriend made dinner, tastily seasoned ground beef and hot steaming rice, and I savored it all. I was so hungry as I had spent the entire day fasting.

Song of the Day: Red Gatorade by Audrey Mika

It’s now 7pm and I’m about to hit the hay as I have to get up bright and early again tomorrow. I hope your day was as productive as mine!

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