wednesday- 12/2/2020

I woke up this morning at 10 am. A lot better in terms of time than the past few days. The cable/internet technician came to install the new wifi in the house. We recently got Google Nest to have better, faster connection throughout the entire house. We got it specifically for the office room since it had poor connection in that area of the house. It only took him about 1 hr or so to do the whole thing. After the technician left, guess what arrived..

My Brother Sewing Machine! (Brother CS6000i)

It was supposed to arrive this Friday, but it instead arrived today (2 days early!) I can’t wait to start sewing and hemming a lot of my clothing that don’t really fit right.

Tune of the day: New Light by John Mayer

I ate at Moe’s again today, my usual order. I tried out a new boba place today called Mr.Tea Cafe. I ordered a strawberry smoothie with boba & lychee jelly, it was good but not as good as my usual Infinitea/Rainbow Tea House.

It was around 10:30pm when I headed home and went to bed for the night.



Google Nest-

Brother Sewing Machine-

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