sunny sunday- 11/29/2020

Up at 10 today and drank a Dragonfruit Refresher from Starbucks. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of my old frequently played; John Mayer, Rex Orange County, Boy Pablo, Mimi, and Pink Sweat$. Normally, I go to church on Sundays but wasn’t able to due to some things needing to be fixed around the house. My day consisted of driving and going to Home Depot to get some smart light replacements for home (Phillips Hue). They’re colorful led lights & bulbs that can be controlled and changed wirelessly using your phone or other devices connected.

I “fasted” all day until late tonight at 12:30 am.. I went to Taco Bell and got a steak Power Menu Bowl with just rice, onions, jalapeños, lettuce, and tomatoes.

My purse organizer arrived today from Amazon and it makes my purses/wristlets look so much better than being on the floor. I got it in a pink shade and it is pleasing to look at. Exhibit A:


-Phillips Hue Lights

-Purse organizer hook

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