just another saturday- 11/28/2020

I went to bed at around 4am after watching a Netflix thriller/horror movie called “Creep” and saying it was extremely disturbing isn’t enough to describe how WEIRD and MESSED UP the film is.. NO SPOILERS I PROMISE but I’ll say that it’s the classic “POV” type of film where the viewer is watching the movie through the main character’s camera. I will say that it was not a shitty movie at all. I genuinely got a good scare from some parts, it was funny, and just overall entertaining. There were no boring parts at all whatsoever, at least in my opinion. I’m not going to say anymore but I promise, you won’t waste your time with that movie.

It is now 10:22 am as I am writing this. I woke up today at 8 am and had a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappe from Starbucks to start off my day. Not the healthiest but I got it with no whip cream to feel a little better about it..don’t judge me. I’m doing some laundry and browsing sewing craft ideas for me to make when my sewing machine gets here. One things for sure: I am going to be making some cute face masks. I prefer wearing pleated face masks as I think they look a lot better than other face masks but to each their own.

Speaking about masks, I recently bought a satin face mask in a beautiful rose color on Etsy for $13. I highly recommend it as it gives a more classy, elegant look. Matches well with any outfit and feels extra nice on the skin.

The satin mask in “Rose”

Here’s where I got it from: https://www.etsy.com/listing/844998656/double-layer-bridal-satin-face-mask-with?ref=yr_purchases

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