2020 black friday- 11/27/2020

Me feeling cute tis season

Hey Ya’ll! This years’ Black Friday was a little different, with the pandemic and all. I mean everything has been different this year. Moving out of my parents, joining the Army, and meeting new people.

There were a ton of AWESOME deals online. But lately, I’ve been more interested in purses, fragrances, candles, makeup, and clothing. The only Black Friday shopping I did was for my family’s Christmas gifts. I did all my shopping online (of course).

I have browser extensions like Rakuten (to get cash back on purchases) and Honey (to get discount codes!). These 2 extensions make the online shopping experience even more satisfying knowing that I save more money!

I bought myself a Brother CS6000i sewing machine off of Amazon for under $200 (about $189) and I can’t wait for it to come! I have some experience sewing and the sewing machine I did have, was given away by my mother 😦 My fault for leaving it there while I was at Basic Training earlier this year I guess. Anyways, that was my Black Friday.

Till next time! ❤

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